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Local manufacturer races to tap potential in medical technology

By: The Business Times

Racer Technology's Mr Koh gets on the fast track in the medical technology industry with the firm's diagnostic tool, a microfluidic chip, which can produce blood-test results in minutes which would otherwise take up to two weeks in a lab.


SPRING sets up grant advisory panel to handle appeals from SMEs

By: Lianhe Zaobao


New panel to review appeals by SMEs for Spring S'pore grant

By: The Business Times

It comprises 17 members from various fields in the private sector and starts from Nov 1. SMALL and medium enterprises (SMEs) that were turned down in their application for Spring Singapore's capability development grant will now be able to turn to a panel for help. The pilot panel starts from Nov 1 for one year.


Talking Point - Better Career Prospect

By: Channel Newsasia



Racer Stays Ahead Of the Curve

By: The Straits Times

Manufacturing of health-care products gets involved in the design process.


Cost Saving with Move to Set Up Plants Overseas

By: The Business Times

With our head office in Singapore, we are making use of low cost offshore facilities in China, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Racer leader in Precision Engineering for Medical Devices

By: Zhao Bao China

Racer developed together with insulin medical group in America for 6 years.


Racer Technology racing forward with youth and integrity

By: The Straits Times

Right formula to be successful in today fast moving business technology industries.


5 Singapore SME join force to break into European market

By: The Business Times

In Singapore 5 companies call themselves RICHS Technology alliance have successfully break into Europe Mr Koh, MD of Racer technology initiated the alliance 2 years ago.


Keeping Up With Speed

By: The Straits Times

Racer Companies assemble medical devices for demanding customers. Founded 8 years ago by Dr Hsu Shen Kuo Harvard University Professor and Mr. Willy Koh a Singapore design company that have expand manufacturing facilty in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore as head office and R&D center.

Q. How old is your injection machines and what tonnage you have?

A. We have about 150 machines at the moment, ranges from 30 to 550Ton( up to 1.2Kg) and they averages 4 to 5 years old.

Q. Can you handle transfer mold?

A. Absolutely, we have handle molds from all over the region, ie: USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia, China, Thailand…etc

Q. Do you provide partial service?

A. Yes, although we can do from Design till Mass production, we still accept order for specific individual service, for example : Design, Tool making, Secondary process…etc

Q. What software do you use for your design work?

A. We can handle most popular software and can export to universal format.

Q. Do you have FTP site for huge files?

A. Yes, We can create User ID and password exclusively for you upon request.

Q. How long is your tool's life?

A. Racer guarantees 500K shots and 1million shots for Pre harden and Harden tool respectively if run and maintain by Racer.

Q. What type of tool steel do you use?

A. For Pre-harden usually P20, 718HH, NAK 80…etc. For Harden usually 8407, STAVAX, STAVAX ESR…etc

Q. What is you tooling lead-time?

A. This is subjected to design complexity as well as capacity. For your information, we can do 2 cavities (HRC52) harden tool of size 250mm x 350mm in 3 weeks.

Q. What is the biggest tool you can make?

A. Tool size about 800mm by 1000mm.

Q. What is the tolerance control? Of your molded part?

A. Our best at within 7 microns.

Q. What is your company's strength?

A. Racer Technology is one of the world leading medical devices manufacturers in the world, Headquarter in Singapore & sales office in California, supported by manufacturing faculties in China, Indonesia & Malaysia. Through a systemic understanding of the requirements & target feasibility experiments, our product design service makes devices development more predictable in scope, time & cost. Our disciplined approach to systems engineering, programmatic risk management & detailed design reduces development risk & minimizes cost & time to market. As a one-stop solution, we actively involved and invest minor share in other commodities to leverage on the cost and quality so that the client has the ease to communicate to only 1 single Project Manager. 

Q. What is your current capacity?

A. We control plan and manage our capacity at maximum of 80% but the remaining 20% is always use to buffer urgent order for our customer in need.

Q. How much do you invest in human resource and equipment investment?

A. We reinvest 20% to 30% of our annual profit.

Q. Do you provide R&D services?

A. Yes we would if it is within our means.

Q. How do you implement your Quality system?

A. We do Process Validation (IQ,  OQ & PQ) CP/CPK, SPC, QIP, IQC, OQC and if needed DOE to determine through analysis of statistics. We believe Quality is to be produced, not inspected.

Q. How is your Customer satisfaction feedback?

A. We have customers whom averages grade us to be 85% satisfactory or better. We conduct annually customer survey form to monitor and improve ourselves.

Q. What is you rejection rate?

A. Our production rejection rate is around 2% wheras the goods delivered to customer is around 0.003123% to 0.000125%

08 Nov 2017 - 09 Nov 2017

MD&M Minneapolis Convention Center Minneapolis, MN

Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) Minneapolis is back for its 23rd year! As the biggest medtech event in a thriving industry hub, MD&M will bring 5,500 professionals and more than 600 suppliers together on November 8–9. This year features an expanded conference program, more expert-led sessions on the expo floor, networking activities, and group tours — plus an exclusive keynote by Eric Topol, pioneering cardiologist, digital medicine researcher, and best-selling author. Come see the full scope of the medical device development cycle — and try out the latest technologies — at the most comprehensive industry event in the region. http://mdmminn.mddionline.com

21 June 2017 - 23 June 2017

Medical Device Development Expo (MEDIX) 2017, Tokyo

This specialised exhibition will bring together the latest technologies required to design and manufacture medical devices, such as metal/plastic processing technology, manufacturing equipment, equipment components, factory automation technology, measuring technology, image technology, packaging technology and various IT solutions. It attracts a great number of medical device manufacturers who manufacture syringes, thermometers, artificial organs, catheters, MRI systems, patient monitors, etc. and conduct concrete business meetings with them. http://www.medix-tokyo.jp/en/

13 June 2017 - 15 June 2017

Medical Device & Manufacturing, East 2017, New York

MD&M East – now in its 33rd year – is the largest medtech event on the east coast, connecting you with thousands of engineers and executives, as well as hundreds of leading suppliers. Find the medtech solutions, innovations, and inspiration you need to solve your toughest challenges, while staying on top of the latest advancements across the industry. This year the show floor spotlights two industry mega-trends — 3D printing and smart manufacturing — with a dedicated 3D Printing Zone, plus the latest in collaborative robots and robotics on display from the world's top suppliers http://mdmeast.mddionline.com/

4 April 2017 -7 April 2017

Manufacturing Technology Asia 2017, Singapore

Manufacturing Technology Asia is focused on delivering advanced technologies for high-value manufacturing markets. Held in Singapore which is a key manufacturing hub in Asia, MTA2017 attracts high-value industries and sectors in medical technology. http://mta-asia.com/

7 February 2017 - 9 February 2017

Medical Device & Manufacturing, West 2017, Anaheim, CA

Medtech moves fast. For 32 years, MD&M West has helped take medical devices from concept to market by uniting cutting-edge technology with the industry's foremost minds. Source from the world's largest collection of suppliers on one show floor. Connect with over 20,000 engineers and executives who are ready to forge business partnerships. Learn from industry luminaries presenting their insights. It's three days of industry immersion that medtech professionals simply can't afford to miss. http://mdmwest.mddionline.com/