- FAQ -

Q. How old is your injection machines and what tonnage you have?

A. We have about 150 machines at the moment, ranges from 30 to 550Ton( up to 1.2Kg) and they averages 4 to 5 years old.

Q. Can you handle transfer mold?

A. Absolutely, we have handle molds from all over the region, ie: USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia, China, Thailand…etc

Q. Do you provide partial service?

A. Yes, although we can do from Design till Mass production, we still accept order for specific individual service, for example : Design, Tool making, Secondary process…etc

Q. What software do you use for your design work?

A. We can handle most popular software and can export to universal format.

Q. Do you have FTP site for huge files?

A. Yes, We can create User ID and password exclusively for you upon request.

Q. How long is your tool's life?

A. Racer guarantees 500K shots and 1million shots for Pre harden and Harden tool respectively if run and maintain by Racer.

Q. What type of tool steel do you use?

A. For Pre-harden usually P20, 718HH, NAK 80…etc. For Harden usually 8407, STAVAX, STAVAX ESR…etc

Q. What is you tooling lead-time?

A. This is subjected to design complexity as well as capacity. For your information, we can do 2 cavities (HRC52) harden tool of size 250mm x 350mm in 3 weeks.

Q. What is the biggest tool you can make?

A. Tool size about 800mm by 1000mm.

Q. What is the tolerance control? Of your molded part?

A. Our best at within 7 microns.

Q. What is your company's strength?

A. Racer Technology is one of the world leading medical devices manufacturers in the world, Headquarter in Singapore & sales office in California, supported by manufacturing faculties in China, Indonesia & Malaysia. Through a systemic understanding of the requirements & target feasibility experiments, our product design service makes devices development more predictable in scope, time & cost. Our disciplined approach to systems engineering, programmatic risk management & detailed design reduces development risk & minimizes cost & time to market. As a one-stop solution, we actively involved and invest minor share in other commodities to leverage on the cost and quality so that the client has the ease to communicate to only 1 single Project Manager.

Q. What is your current capacity?

A. We control plan and manage our capacity at maximum of 80% but the remaining 20% is always use to buffer urgent order for our customer in need.

Q. How much do you invest in human resource and equipment investment?

A. We reinvest 20% to 30% of our annual profit.

Q. Do you provide R&D services?

A. Yes we would if it is within our means.

Q. How do you implement your Quality system?

A. We do Process Validation (IQ, OQ & PQ) CP/CPK, SPC, QIP, IQC, OQC and if needed DOE to determine through analysis of statistics. We believe Quality is to be produced, not inspected.

Q. How is your Customer satisfaction feedback?

A. We have customers whom averages grade us to be 85% satisfactory or better. We conduct annually customer survey form to monitor and improve ourselves.

Q. What is you rejection rate?

A. Our production rejection rate is around 2% wheras the goods delivered to customer is around 0.003123% to 0.000125%