- FemTech -

“Female Technology”


To develop solutions that address problems related to women’s health and well-being. Be part of the journey that enables more women to take greater charge of their health and health-related data. Because women are the primary healthcare decision-makers for themselves, and often for their families. Better health outcomes for women can lead to better outcomes for society.

Wearable Breast Pump


An innovative design and technology that caters to on-the-move mothers (e.g., Mothers returning to work). These pumps are mobile, hands-free and provide privacy for moms. It helps moms be more productive with both breastfeeding and work goals. We’ve been helping local and other US companies to design this innovative idea many years ago. Yet, only in recent years that it starts to gain traction among the mommy community.


Remote Monitoring



Gives pregnancy women a platform to monitor and improve perinatal outcomes through mobile technology and data science. The device allows mothers to monitor baby and her own vitals, to truly have continuity of care at anytime, and anywhere. This innovation is designed & developed in close collaboration with women, clinicians, and University hospitals in Singapore. We enable healthcare professionals to gain new insights into the health of the mother and foetus whilst offering expectant women more convenience, choice and better information about their pregnancy.


Bottle Steriliser and Warmer



A concept to reality project, wherein our customer gives us the idea that they want and we will transform it into a physical product. In this project, we conducted mechanical analysis, design exploration, prototype testing (workable) and PCB layout definition. With our in-house engineers and designer in close communication with our customer, we are able to make quick amendments to suit customer’s expectations and demands.


Magnetic Booster



What started out as a technology for pain management, has been re-engineered to cater to women’s skincare. We white-label our technology to Japan’s largest skincare brand, SK-II. It has been scientifically proven to improve penetration of serums and creams. Together with SK-II’s specially formulated anti-ageing cream, it brought a huge buzz to the Asian community in 2015. It resulted in a backorder of 2 million units when it was launched in Japan back then. In appreciation of our efforts, we gained the recognition of P&G’s Partner of the Year award in 2019″, and many other beauty awards.