- Internet Of Things (IOT) -

Racer embraced the upsurge in Internet of Things (IoT) for both the commercial and non-commercial worlds. We are connected to the Internet, communicating with each other and constantly sharing information. The backbone of the Internet of Things are sensors embedded everywhere gathering every single moment’s worth of data, relentlessly indexing the world around us, and sending that information up to cloud servers to power applications and analysis. This is the powering of the Internet of Things (IoT).
In Racer, we integrate our unconventional manufacturing expertise into IoT, transforming physical devices into informative systems. IoT, the most ubiquitous of its implementations to date, incubates personal grooming and smart home products, providing personalized outreach to individuals. Therefore, enhances consumer experience through customized interface. Racer Technology’s quality framework of controlled Quality Inspection Plan, advanced statistical process techniques and Intellectual Property Acquisition has proven our competency in this emerging industry of E-products.
To further increase efficacy in development and production, Racer Technology has in-house capabilities to correspond directly with cloud-based app developers and Electronic designers to optimize the conceptual and mechanical design, ensuring ease of assembly and manufacturing.