- Internet Of Things (IoT) -

Racer embraced the upsurge in Internet of Things (IoT) for both the commercial and non-commercial worlds. Everything technology around us is constantly connected to the Internet, people are always communicating with each other and sharing information together. The backbone of IoT are sensors embedded everywhere to gather data at every point in time.

To further increase efficacy in development and production, Racer Technology has in-house capabilities to correspond directly with cloud-based app developers and Electronic designers to optimise the conceptual and mechanical design, ensuring ease of assembly and manufacturing. 

Barcode Scanner


Countertop and mobile phones NFC/RFID barcode scanners with native data capture, and full app control. This creates faster data capturing and more efficient processing time. Users are able to track the analytics and statistics using their mobile phone, which is all done via the cloud software.




As wearables become more prominent in our every day lives, it is important to be competent in various manufacturing solutions to constantly meet customer’s expectations. One of our breaking through solution is encapsulating PCBAs into molded plastics or silicone rubber. As we all know, electronic components such as PCBs tend to get damaged in contact with heat. However, we adept the method of “Low Pressure injection Molding” to skilfully use thermoplastics with low viscosity, to overmold and encapsulate sensitive electronic assemblies. Not to worry either, our soution has a IP-67 rating, which makes it waterproof thus extremely safe for any contact with body sweat. With this method, our customers get to have more flexibility in designing their products.



Digital Pain Relief Management 


Using pulsed therapy to assist in pain management and relief. The device can be used anywhere on the human body, and provide quick pain relief to users. For this innovation, we are trying to inculcate natural ways of pain management so as to reduce dependency on OTC drugs. By revolutionising personal care and home-use devices, we can slowly encourage patients/users to take more control of their health.



Handheld 3D Scanner 


This innovation was developed many years ago, when 3D printing just came into existence. As the name suggests, it is a handheld scanner for portability and versatility. These compact devices can be used on a diverse array of objects, especially of massive size (e.g., vehicles, humans, and even statues). Now, 3D printing and scanners are widely used in manufacturing and/or prototyping.