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Our engineering solutions includes efficient manufacturing process flows that are designed to deliver high output with low rejection / defective rates. With a range of 5 to 550 tonnage injection molding machines strategically located in Malaysia and Indonesia, we are able to greatly reduce production cost and lower overheads for our customers.

How do we ensure quality, yet cost-effective manufacturing? 

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Quality Control with Low Rejection Rates 

We have inspection, testing, and validation procedures at every stage of our manufacturing process to ensure that each device meets  specified quality standards and regulatory compliance. All our processes will also undergo regular review to keep up with international standards.

Continuous Process Improvement 

To reduce constant hiccups in our manufacturing process, any rejects will be rooted out and investigated upon immediately. We have a system to regularly review and optimise manufacturing processes based on feedback, data analysis, and changes in technology.

Establish Reliable Supply Chain

Despite moving our manufacturing lines to Malaysia and Indonesia to greatly reduce overhead costs, our cost-effectiveness strategy also includes establishing great relationship with reliable suppliers to ensure a quality supply chain to meet our stringent manufacturing demands.

Our Molding Capabilities and Solutions 


Overmold / Low Pressure Injection Molding 

  • Use of thermoplastic materials with low viscosity
  • Allows overmolding and encapsulation of sensitive circuit boards
  • Design to have IP-67 Rating: Waterproof


Benefits of Low-Pressure Molding

Two Shot Molding: Comprises of two different polymers, into one molded part

  1. Plastic Injection Molding
  2. Inject liquid silicone rubber (LSR) / different thermoplastic over it


Multi Shot & Two Shot Injection Molding Manufacurer/Factory, 2K & 3K Injection Molding

The Difference Between Double Shot Molding and Overmolding - Midstate

Insert Mold

  • Plastic is molded around a pre-formed non-plastic component, often metal
  • Allows it to be combined into one part with plastic encapsulating the metal, acting as a housing


Insert Molding | Plastics Assembly Supplier China

Structural Foam Injection Molding

  • A foaming agent (typically nitrogen gas or chemical blowing agent) is added to a resin polymer as it melts, then injected into the injection molding tool
  • In this process, the blowing agent activates and pushes resin uniformly into the cavity pockets
  • Able to reduce part weight up to 30%


Structural Foam Injection Molding - PSI Molded Plastics

In-Mold Decoration

In the in-mold decorating (IMD) process, a preprinted label or film is inserted in the open plastic injection mold and held in place via vacuum ports. In-mold decorating eliminates a post-processing operation by allowing parts to be decorated during the molding cycle. Benefits to include enhanced manufacturing productivity, overall system cost reductions and greater design flexibility.