- Production -

Racer specializes in a wide range of plastics, from Precision hard disk drive components, Engineering-ordnance/automotive parts, Cosmetic- computer peripherals/Audio video, clean materials, to consumer products like containers and milk bottles.
Process Validation Protocol & Underwriter Laboratories certify a system in traceability to assure the accuracy and perfection of the flow and storage of raw materials, WIP and finished products by providing our customers with access to our web-site of inventory control.
We have accumulated extensive experience working with the medical industry, teaching our workers to do it right the first time and from the beginning, to take pride in what they do to craft the foundation of better workmanship and quality assurance.
Everything mentioned above is well documented to ensure you have unified and repetitive products from us.
These characteristics are not only critical but also well-liked and in line with international standards. With this belief, Racer has ventured into many new markets coming from Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Europe, Japan and Australia.
Our task in providing world class quality components, involves our top management, down to our delivery men.
Our dedication to continued training and improvement has earned our customers satisfaction with great success.

a. Plastic Injection Molding
~ 2 shots molding
~ Over Molding
~ Low Pressure Molding
~ Structure Molding
~ In Mold Decoration
~ Insert/ outset Molding
~ Clean Room Molding
~ Microfluidics Molding
~ Biodegradable Plastics
c. Metal Stamping