- Rapid Prototyping -

Medtech prototyping lies at the heart of innovation, serving as a dynamic bridge between concept and tangible reality. Our approach to medtech prototyping is driven by a commitment to pushing boundaries and creating transformative solutions. It involves an iterative and collaborative process, where ideas evolve through successive stages of design, testing, and refinement. Prototyping not only allows us to visualize and fine-tune product functionalities but also serves as a vital tool for identifying potential challenges and optimizing performance. This agile methodology ensures that our medical technologies not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of healthcare. By embracing medtech prototyping, we embrace the spirit of innovation, striving to bring groundbreaking solutions to the forefront of the medical landscape.

What is it? 


Prototyping is an experimental process that allows you to implement your ideas in a low-cost manner. This allows the flexibility to rectify design faults and modifications to get optimum results for mass production and application use. Our CNC machining capabilities allow us to produce fully-functioning engineering prototypes that suit your needs. Fast turnaround and high accuracy on CNC parts can be achieved with a wide variety of materials. We also offer Mold Unit Base (MUB) or Prototype tooling for clients, which require low volume production for pilot builds or clinical trials.


How it works


  1. We fabricate only the basic cavity and core insert with no mold base. For the core we have a standard ejection system like a MUB (Mold unit base) design.
  2. The core and cavity materials are either Steel or Aluminum, and can withstand 500 to 5000 shots, cycle times are 2-4 times longer than production molds and sliders are manual operated.
  3. It can be molded in any material or resin.
  4. MUB/Prototype tooling Costs about 40% less than production tooling.
  5. Maintain desired functional and performance checks