- Respiratory Apparatus -

Racer Technology provides leadership in process development of innovative inhaling products. We produce a comprehensive range of devices for respiratory analysis. The handheld steam inhaler delivers instant pure and germ-free mist, which offers uninterrupted relief to an irritated or sensitive respiratory system. Besides, with its portability, the device offers direct point of care to users.
The alcohol tester or Breathalyzer is tailored with an ergonomic design and Thermoplastics Elastomer (TPE ). Widely used in the commercial sector, it is certified to provide accurate analysis of any breath alcohol tests, compensating with any ambient conditions, and adjusts accordingly.
Being vertically integrated, it reduces the lead time by managing the project from concept to production. In addition, with a turnkey capability, we can handle elaborated testing certifications, design for manufacturing and supports the production of FDA Class II and III devices. We provide consultation, work with recognize and reputable organization to achieve Product Certification and Reliability Testing on your behalf. The purpose of these regulations is to help prevent unsafe or risky products in the market.