- Tooling -

By Having our tool room under the same roof as our Design Department, making immediate feedback and improvements to a design is a breeze.
3D Design gives the customer good visual acceptance of our capability and through detailing of Design For Manufacturing, Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) & Mold Flow will aid selection of material, gating & cooling options to achieve maximum optimisation.
High volume runners are normal, for example: 16 cavities churning out two million parts a month, these tools can be customised to your requirements for example: hot runners, an assigned mold base and an accessories manufacturer. As a true believer in Quality we are committed to doing things right the first time.

a. Design For Manufacturing
b. Mold Flow Analysis
d. Tooling Design
e. Prototyping adopting MUB(Mold Unit Base) for clinical trials.
f. Tooling Fabrication