- Wearable Technology -

Racer Technology manufactures an array of wearable merchandises, having a wide range of smart bands, finger rings, neck bands, clip on and head-mounted etc. Wearable computing devices are tiny computers that users can wear on their bodies. Activity health trackers improve the quality of life of consumers by automating the monitoring of their daily activities. Hence, with a fully digitized mechanism, users are able to obtain accurate analysis of their lifestyle.
Racer Technology has manufacturing ability to meet ultra-high volume productions to cater for spikes in demand from customers. Besides, we also have the expertise and facilities in performing low-pressure molding. This process greatly simplifies the production process by simultaneous sealing and strain relief, and the enclosure of electronic components like in assembled printed circuit boards. Therefore, permitting fragile electronic components (e.g. PCBA or Flex circuits), to be encapsulate or over-molded, remaining contaminant-free and shock-absorbent. Complex and time-consuming processes can now be replaced with a technically efficient and cost-effective methods.